Best iRobot Roomba 675 Robot vacuum cleaner under $200

Best iRobot Roomba 675 Robot vacuum cleaner under 200


  • Brand : iRobot
  • Surface : Carpet
  • Weight : 6.77 pound
  • Run Time : 90 minutes
  • Battery Cell : Lithium Ion
  • Charging Time : 2-3 hours
  • Dimensions : 13.4″ x 13.4″ x 3.54″ inches
  • Controller : Vera, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Suppose you’re searching for an inexpensive robot vacuum but do not want to give up on the Roomba brand. In that case, your attention may catch the attention of Roomba’s newest affordable cleaner, the Roomba 675. The Roomba 675 robotic vacuum is launched the same manner as Roomba’s Roomba 614 and Roomba 690 and gives a modernized appearance to the basic robot vacuum. This vacuum review will concentrate on the differences, similarities, and other features that make Roomba 675 the iRobot Roomba 675 unique in the lineup.

Roomba 675 is a budget-friendly inexpensive vacuum that packs enough capacity and features to satisfy the majority of customers. It’s virtually the exact identical to the more expensive Roomba 690. There’s just one difference: it doesn’t offer the advantage of a virtual wall. Cleaner performance, run time features, and WiFi connectivity are the same, making it the best robot vacuum cleaner under $200.

Who should purchase iRobot Roomba 675 vacuum?

Overall it’s a good choice. iRobot Roomba 675 robotic vacuum is the best vacuum cleaner under $200 alternative that comes with a simple layout of a basic model, with the added benefit of WiFi connectivity. I’d recommend using the Roomba 675 if you’re looking to get the features listed below in a sophisticated robot vacuum.

Want wifi connectivity:

The wifi connectivity is one of the greatest benefits of the best iRobot Roomba 675  vacuum cleaner under $200 over other Roomba models of the 600 Series. WiFi connectivity is among the most sought-after features in modern models and provides more hands-free control, right via your tablet or smartphone. The Roomba 675 can also be used with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control cleaning cycles using voice.

Are you looking for a bargain?

Suppose you’re looking at the price in relation to. The features and cleaning efficiency: The Roomba 675 is an absolutely excellent value in terms of features and cleaning performance. If you require additional features and capabilities, opt for the models with more advanced features, such as those in the Roomba 800 or Roomba 900 series, but it’s going to cost you just like any other product.

Do not need barriers in the virtual world

In the case of the 675, you’ll get no virtual walls. In the case of cleaning small spaces, there’s a chance that you do not require virtual barriers. Roomba 675 is a great choice for spaces with smaller dimensions such as this. If you love the design and functions offered by the Roomba 675 but don’t require virtual walls, check for the Roomba 690, a robot vacuum.

iRobot Roomba 675 vacuum cleaner Features and Benefits

iRobot Roomba 675 vacuum Design

Accessories & Parts


iRobot Roomba 675 vacuum Quality

Robot Roomba 675 vacuum Design

If you had asked a child to draw the shape of a Roomba, the best vacuum cleaner under $200  design would likely be very similar to its iRobot Roomba 675. It’s round and has matte grey plastic on its sides and a glossy blacktop. In the middle of the lid are three buttons in the form of a concentric circle: Clean, Spot, and Dock. On the front, there’s a recessed grey carrying handle. We love the addition of the handles, making it easy to carry them up and down the stairs. The entire bot feels solid and solid. It was evident when it slammed into chairs and woke the dog.

With a diameter of 13 inches, The Roomba 675 measures 13 inches in diameter. It is just a little wider than the Eufy RoboVac11s (12.9 inches) and is much larger than its 11.8-inch iLife V3s Pro. This Roomba 675 is significantly larger than the two vacuums. The 3.7-inch size prevented it from moving under a sofa with a low clearance, which could have the 2.87-inch RoboVac 11s could easily get through. On the bottom of the underside of Roomba 675, you’ll see two large, rubberized wheels on each side and a spinning wheel that casters in the front.

iRobot utilizes a dual brush rolling system for the Roomba 675 that is similar in concept to the dual brushes used on more expensive vacuums, such as that of the Roomba i7. Its smaller one is made of fins made of rubber, while the larger one has bristles that are which are surrounded by fins made of hard plastic. The Roomba 7 and Roomba s9 have two brush rolls made of rubber. The two brushes of the Roomba 675 were simple to clean; however, getting hair out of the rollers was a pain even with the cleaning tool. It was much simpler to get the hair out of the rubberized side brush with three spokes situated to the side at one side of the device. The dust bin of the best iRobot Roomba 675 vacuum cleaner under $200 is located in the rear of the bot and is stronger than other dustbins like the one found that is on the RoboVac 11s from Eufy.

The push button lets you remove this bin. Contrary to Roomba 690 that we tested, we needed only a small amount of force to eliminate it. After the bin is removed, it is opened to one side and has the gate half-height, which holds back the majority of the dirt. To empty it completely, you need to unlock the gate. The gate, however, doesn’t remain open on its own, and it would close as we put the bin in the garbage can. We really liked the dustbin that came with the iLife V3s Pro, which was opened as a lunchbox. The dock that comes along with the iRobot Roomba 675 is small and discrete. However, we would like to see an enclosure for cord storage similar to what Neato utilizes in their vacuum robots. It’s not just that it looks better, but the Roomba 675 was caught in its own cord on two occasions.

Accessories & Parts Included with the 675

Roomba 675 robot vacuum Roomba 675 robotic vacuum comes with the following accessories and parts:

Charging Station

Line Cord

1 Extra Filter

The Owner’s Manual and the Documentation Kit

One issue with one of the disadvantages of the Roomba 675 model is the fact that it does not include the virtual barrier. Barriers can be helpful in marking vulnerable areas that you don’t wish your Roomba to enter. As compared to other models, the Roomba 675 doesn’t come with any virtual barriers. However, the Roomba 690, 890, and 960 have two barriers. The Roomba 980 is only the available Roomba model with two barriers.

iRobot Roomba 675 Cleaning Performance

In contrast to iRobot’s newer and more expensive models, The Roomba 675 does not include a map or advanced navigation. Also, the Roomba 675 can’t clean in a regular snake-like pattern. There might not be a specific method for the machine’s cleaning mania. However, I saw it systematically working through baseboards and around the legs of chairs. It would move around the edges of the space until it hit an obstacle or wall directly in front before it would then go away in a different direction.

This kind of navigational system is in line with other robots that don’t map like that of the iLife V3s Pro and the Shark Ion R85. Cleaning my mostly open first floor, it was able to stay on the first floor. Roomba 675 didn’t leave any areas, but it did not attempt to clean the shaggy living rug, which has smashed numerous others robot vacuums. But, it didn’t completely climb onto the memory foam bath mat near the sink in the bathroom.

The mat was pushed around slightly, and the rear of the vacuum sometimes slid over it; however, overall it was able to Roomba 675 was able to avoid getting caught on the 0.5-inch large rug. The Roomba 675 proved to be a competent performance, with an average score of 89.7 percent.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

The cleaning performance for hardwood floors was outstanding. The 675 could get rid of 99% of the debris that we tested against. The only remaining debris left on the ground was two grains of rice placed in the corner.

Cleansing Low Pile Carpet

The low pile carpet was great with 95 percent. The Roomba 675 was more difficult with carpets with low piles than hardwood flooring. The majority of the debris that was left on the floor was sugar. But, to get 95% is an excellent score.

High Pile Carpet Cleansing

Carpet with high pile was the most difficult to clean for the Roomba 675, as would be expected. Yet, it managed to get rid of 90% of the debris. Similar to low pile carpet, the most significant mistake for high pile carpet was sugar. However, a budget robot vacuum with a score of 90 percent on carpets with high piles is a remarkable feat.

Roomba 675 Brushroll

The Roomba 675 is equipped with a bristle-style brush roll that can be very effective in cleaning; however, it is more susceptible to hair knots (compared with the rubber brushes found on the 800-900 and the 900 series).

So, does the 675 have the capacity to get clean?

We believe that the Roomba 675 does a great job cleaning for this price. It was able to score an average of 95% across all our tests. Although it’s not perfect, however, to go between 95 and 99% score, you will have to spend 4 to 5 times the amount of money to get that performance.

Roomba 675 High-Quality

The build quality that comes with the Roomba 675 vacuum cleaner is comparable to those of the 600 Series models. It does not have an advanced camera navigation system, as on other 900 Series models, but the features included are constructed with the same standard that can be expected from other models in the line-up.

  • iRobot offers a smartphone application that allows you to turn on your Roomba and check the battery’s level, receive notifications create a calendar, and more.
  • It’s very simple in emptying the garbage bin, and it’s very easy to get rid of the filter. Just go outside, then tap it to loosen the dust built up on the filter.
  • It’s simple to create your schedule using the mobile phone application.
  • The app was installed quickly and quickly. it has performed perfectly.
  • It does a pretty good job at removing hair and dirt.
  • It’s a little loud.
  • The trash can is awe-inspiringly tiny.

Final thoughts

The best iRobot Roomba 675 vacuum cleaner under $200 is one of the latest robot vacuums made by iRobot. It is similar to Roomba 614 in many ways. Roomba 614 in a variety of ways. However, this model has wifi connectivity. The latest version of the Roomba 675 is iRobot made the decision to design an inexpensive robot vacuum equipped with wifi. There are no advanced navigation features or bells and whistles. However, being able to connect to the Roomba 675 to a WiFi connection can be a game-changer. Anyone interested in the idea of WiFi but who wishes to stay clear of spending a lot of money will find Roomba 675 to be a great choice for balancing their budget.