Best mini vacuum cleaner for keyboard under $200

Best mini vacuum cleaner for keyboard under 200

A keyboard vacuum can be helpful for anyone who regularly uses a keyboard, especially those who like to chew their computer. The space between keyboards on keyboards accumulates food particles and dust in time. This can reduce the keyboard’s lifespan and cause keys to remaining in a state of suffocation, impede the operation of the more sophisticated designs, and attract other bugs and cockroaches in the same way. A compressed duster is helpful to certain people, but if you are interested in completely taking apart the keyboard to clean it, your best choice might be to use a keyboard vacuum cleaner for under $200. This could be a tiny home appliance with a tiny pipe that can get under and between the keyboard. Batteries generally power them, but rechargeable USB models have become highly fashionable for various reasons.

Mini vacuums are silent and easy to use, and very inexpensive. Suppose you decide to create one of these. In this scenario, you’ll be expecting a standard keyboard to last at least three years more than normal, drastically decreasing the number of times you’d like to invest money to purchase a new keyboard and becoming accustomed to the layout of it as well. Don’t try using the most significant portable home appliance or something more substantial on a keyboard since it could eat your keys and harm the contact sheets beneath the keys.

Brigii y120

Brgii M1




Easyb A043




Brigii Mini y120 Dust Buster Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

Brigii Mini y120 Dust Buster Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner


  • Brand : Brigii
  • Cordless : Yes
  • Style : Handheld
  • Weight : 12.8 ounces
  • Dimensions : 2.5 x 2.5 x 7.3 inches

The brigii Mini y120 is meant for cleaning keyboards and other delicate electronic devices. It’s sufficiently small to suit a desk yet powerful enough to wash large working surfaces. The y120’s powerful suction system and multi-layered filtration system ensure it’s effective at removing crumbs and other debris and dust from the keyboard, mouse, and other devices. The Mini y120 also can be used on an extensive range of other delicate surfaces, like computers, monitors, printers, collectibles, and more. The Brigii Mini y120 Dust Buster may be a battery-operated, handheld home appliance with a 360-degree angular rotation to induce the duty done. It’s the suction power of 6 watts and features a unique tool for removing crumbs and mud between the keys.

  • It is easy to change. On/off is the same button.
  • Suction is decent for the dimensions.
  • It has a filter you’ll change.
  • Easy to dump out.
  • Super long battery life to date.
  • Noise is not unfortunate.

Brigii USB Rechargeable-M1 Vacuum Cleaner for Keyboard

Brigii USB Rechargeable M1 Vacuum Cleaner for Keyboard


  • Brand : Brigii
  • Style : Handheld
  • Weight : 1.87 pounds
  • Surface : Dual Action
  • Dimensions : 10.24 x 2.24 x 2.24 inches

The best Brigii USB Rechargeable-M1 vacuum for Keyboard under $200 is an innovative, compact, and sturdy keyboard vacuum that permits you to scrub your keyboard without the mess and hassle! The exclusive Vacuum-M System features two powerful rotary brush brushes (one for the keyboard and another for the body) to get rid of hair, food, dust, and crumbs from your keyboard. With the powerful suction ability and the adjustable suction direction, the Vacuum-M System is ready to get rid of all types of debris for a clean, dust-free, and healthy keyboard. The attractive, lightweight aluminum body design is durable and simple to handle, and also the portable and compact design allows you to maneuver the vacuum almost anywhere you would like. The M1 weighs only 3.2 lbs and measures only 13.4″H x 12″W x 9.2″ D, so it’s easy to use and store. It’s also very quiet, making it special for the keyboard you’ll be able to use reception and within the office.

  • Super-easy to use.
  • Very Powerful Suction.
  • Handy little vacuum.
  • Blowing and air compressed functions.
  • The vacuum is not as strong because of the larger hand-held vacuums.

UPFOX Mini Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for keyboard

UPFOX Mini Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for keyboard


  • Brand : UPFOX
  • Cordless : Yes
  • Weight : 1 pounds
  • Dimensions : 12 x 4 x 4 inches

UPFOX 26-Volt Charged Handheld Vacuum for Keyboard. The product’s benefit is “A keyboard vacuum might be a beneficial tool for anyone who frequently uses a keyboard, particularly people who tend to gnaw their computers. The space between the keys of a keyboard accumulates dust and food crumbs over time, which can shorten the keyboard’s lifespan, causing keys to remain to choke them. Keyboards have an inclination to urge dusty, and food crumbs can accumulate around the feet, leading to jammed keys. A keyboard vacuum may be a handy tool to scrub the space between keys to stop problems and prolong the lifetime of the keyboard. It’s extremely lightweight, small, and simple to use. It’s only 3.5″ wide and 5” high. It’s ideal for cleaning keyboards and computer mice.

  • Suction is nice.
  • The battery lasts a while.
  • Great mini vacuum.
  • Easy to scrub out keyboard.
  • No USB adapter included

AFMAT mini vacuum cleaner for Keyboard

AFMAT mini vacuum cleaner for Keyboard


  • Brand :AFMAT
  • Cordless : Yes
  • Style : Handheld
  • Weight : 14.1 ounces
  • Dimensions : 10.79 x 4.61 x 3.31 inches

AFMAT Blower and Vacuum 2-in-1 Cleaner are waiting to assist you! In general, both models will thoroughly clean up all mess; for those difficult-to-reach corners, first, blow and then suck. This 8kpa suction force, as well as the hurricane-blowing power, won’t be able to stop you from completing any cleaning project, no matter where or with any device! The battery is rechargeable and has a powerful capacity of 6000mAh built-in, and unlike those with advertised 6000mAh capacity, we made it real and not just an assertion! It is easy to access USB power, lets you recharge it wherever you want, and uses it without cords! Small and portable, use it as a helpful torch in your hands and then clean your home or appliances in a matter of minutes!

  • Small Footprint Small Footprint, Cool Factor Unique Item.
  • Blower Does the Job.
  • Good build quality, though not top of the line.
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery.
  • Only comes with 1 Air Filter for Vacuum.

Hayousui Rechargeable Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

Hayousui Rechargeable Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner


  • Brand : Hayousui
  • Cordless : Yes
  • Style : Handheld
  • Weight : 15.8 ounces
  • Dimensions : 10.28 x 5.59 x 2.91 inches

The design of the cordless vacuum cleaner allows it to be carried anywhere it’s required. The ideal desk dust remover for dust that has accumulated on laptops or air vent of the computer or ash from a cigarette inside the vehicle, breadcrumbs on the couch, paper crumbs on the desk, or pet hairs The suction of the Hayousui handheld vacuums can reach 4.3Kpa which can remove papers, ash, food residue, dust, and pet hairs effortlessly and swiftly. The handheld hand vacuum is the perfect dimension to get rid of smaller areas. You do not have to carry out the huge upright vacuum cleaners to tidy up. The keyboard vacuum has two nozzles. The head brush nozzle can scrub rough surfaces, such as the car dashboard keyboard. The flat nozzle is compact enough to fit in very tight spaces.

The suction nozzle in the mini vacuum is ideal for removing crumbs from flat surfaces like on the desk or bookshelf. The three vacuum modes satisfy the requirements of corners and feelings that need to be kept clean. The reused HEPA filter in small car vacuums will filter 99.6 percent dust. It is able to be removed and cleaned to keep the filter clean and get rid of bad smells. Make sure to clean the filter at the appropriate time when the visual empty dust container is so that the handheld vacuum is usual.

Tips to prolong the filter’s service life, it is recommended to use a small keyboard cleaner brush rather than washing the filters. With two rechargeable batteries built-in, the mini car vacuum will be running continuously for 15 minutes after a 3-4 hour full charge. The LED light is helpful to navigate in dark corners or rooms with less light.

  • Power Suction.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Cordless design.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Cleaning small areas.

EASYOB A043 mini Rechargeable vacuum cleaner for Keyboard

EASYOB A043 mini Rechargeable vacuum cleaner for Keyboard


  • Brand : EASYOB
  • Cordless : Yes
  • Style : Handheld
  • Weight : 10.4 ounces
  • Dimensions : 10.28 x 5.51 x 2.87 inches

The best EASYOB A043 mini Rechargeable vacuum cleaner for Keyboard under $200 is weighs just 294g. Small jobs like cleaning are completed quickly and effortlessly. The suction power can reach 4.0KPa. It’s lightweight, and it is easy to carry and store. Mini vacuum cleaner nozzles suitable for dry and wet use effortlessly remove dirt and hair from delicate surfaces. Two in one vacuum nozzles let you get into the tightest areas. The mini vacuum cleaner comes with one bright LED light perfect for tight corners and in which there’s a lot of darkness. Do not forget every clean-up task, efficiently simplify your home chores! Open the dustpan, pull the filter mesh away, and wash it with clear water. You are able to continue using it once it’s dry.[(If you’d like to purchase an upgrade to your filter, contact us by Amazon email to buy new filters.

It comes with a built-in 2000mAh Lithium Battery. The rated output power is 65W. It will take 3.5 minutes to charge fully and continuously be used for 20 minutes—the most modern generation of speedy charging technology and self-developed smart energy management. The perfect desk cleaner to clean the dust off of laptops and desktops and keyboards, air containers’ vents or dust trapped in tiny spaces, cigarette smoke in car lighters, bread crumbs, and paper scraps that accumulate on desks and pet hairs, dust in makeup bags.

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to charge.
  • Works great on keyboard.
  • little noisey

Koonie Compressed Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Keyboard

Koonie Compressed Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Keyboard


  • Brand : Koonie
  • Style : Handheld
  • Weight : 14.1 ounces
  • Special Feature : Portable
  • Dimensions : 8.7 x 3 x 2.5 inches

The cordless air duster weighs the smallest size at 0.87lbs the cordless air duster is designed to have less weight and greater convenience. It can be used when you are holding your child. The ergonomic design, without a cord, allows you to move around freely and reduce the car and home cleaning time. You can use it anytime and wherever you’d like. This handheld vacuum comes with a 60000RPM motor. It is able to swiftly and effortlessly clean the pet’s hair, paper remnants, and food particles, but it can also remove dust that is hard to reach smaller than 0.3 millimeters which are concealed in carpets and sofas. It will provide a pleasant and clean surrounding for your vehicle or home. The handheld vacuum cleaner comes with two suction and blowing methods, which makes its cleaning capabilities more effective and efficient.

Utilize it to remove the dirt and other small particles from your home, car, or office, and remove them. It’s not just a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner as well as an air blower cleaner. Please do not throw away your regular cleaning tools. The rechargeable battery, built-in 6000mAh, could be used for many re-uses. A fast charge of 10W greatly cuts down the time to charge (3 days when fully charged). Even when it is in high output, the cordless air cleaner is able to work for approximately 30 minutes after a full charge. Our cordless vacuum is equipped with three nozzles to suit different applications.

Two nozzles for brushing to ensure extensive clean-up (1 in blower mode and another for the vacuum function). One round nozzle that can be used for blowing. If your computer and its accessories have a lot of dust, you can make use of these nozzles to get rid of them quickly and efficiently.

  • The airflow is large sufficient to allow for the movement of loose items.
  • Battery life is adequate in most situations where you’d typically utilize canned air.
  • Charges relatively quick.
  • The vacuum is functional and can cleanse keyboards.
  • It is just no air volume to match natural canned air.

ODISTAR auto power-off function Keyboard vacuum cleaner 

ODISTAR auto power off function Keyboard vacuum cleaner


  • Brand : ODISTAR
  • Cordless : Yes
  • Style : Handheld
  • Weight : 6.7 ounces
  • Dimensions : 3.1 x 3.1 x 2.85 inches

The mini keyboard vacuum is very pleasant to use! The battery will last for a reasonable duration (I have another bigger keyboard vacuum with the same battery lifespan). It would guess 20+ minutes of runtime without issue. It also does an outstanding job of picking up objects. Even when using the fixed brush at the bottom (that lifts the vacuum approximately 3mm off its surface) and the comparatively simple fan configuration, it takes in almost everything you see in just one or two passes. This alone is enough reason for this tiny device! It’s all pretty good about it, minus the following (I usually look at the negatives only when an item is doing an excellent job in completing its intended purpose and not interpret this as a device that is bad!)

It would be able to remove the brushes and make the vacuum travel across the surface using skis or other things of that nature. It would make the device lower, and you wouldn’t need to contend with any pet hair or fur on the brushes since the fan can’t remove them from them. If there’s lots of pet fur on the bushes, I typically flip the drive upside-down while it’s on and remove them off the brushes when the fan is running (usually some that fur about halfway in the intake port, so it is sucked in quickly and quickly). The way these fan works is that it has a plastic circular fan with lots of room between its fins and an encasement that slides into and protects the ports for exhaust.

The good vacuum about this design is it does not must require a filter and is able to be exposed to foreign objects that come in, and there’s no concern about causing damage (but I worry that larger crumbs may be thrown out of the intake even when the fan is shut off). The drawback is that the filter doesn’t have a great seal. It is able to slide over the intended exhaust ports, yet the air is expelled to navigate to the filter since gaskets are not being utilized. Therefore, ensure that the unit has been completely re-assembled and sitting when you turn it on.

  • Excellent performance.
  • The visible indication of the charging and being charged.
  • Excellent suction power.
  • It is easy to use and hold.
  • Wireless phone charging is good, even though it isn’t as powerful as a standard charger.
  • It was a bit expensive.

HONKYOB Mini USB Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner for Keyboard

HONKYOB Mini USB Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner for Keyboard


  • Brand : HONKYOB
  • Cordless : Yes
  • Style : Handheld
  • Weight : 11.6 ounces
  • Dimensions : 9.17 x 3.62 x 3.15 inches

Small design, light, and portable, yet powerful suction and blowing dust buster. Output power35W superpower motor provides strong suction up to 2Kpa, Wet/Dry vacuum,lightweight-330G,400Gincluding the color box. The suction and the blowing have two different functions. One side is used to collect dust. The other can be employed to create dust. Two suction nozzles are available that can be used for absorption and one nozzle to blow. It is easy to use for blowing, vacuuming, and sweeping off dust hairs, Crumbs, Scraps, interiors of cars, keyboards and pianos, and pet areas, as well as the sofa, house office desk cleaning, and more. Cordless handheld vacuums is a blower for computers and laptop cleaner and a desk vacuum cleaner—hand vacuum for your car and piano, pet house and office desk cleaning, etc.

The filter is easily removed and is washable. It can also be cycled. Tips: If your vacuum filter is clogged with dirt or the suction becomes weak, take it out and clean it in time to ensure that the dustbuster works typically.USB rechargeable, built-in 2000Amhx2 18650 batteries that provide long-lasting rapid charging technology. Three hours of Quick Fully Charge(overcharge protection) will give you approximately 40 minutes of uninterrupted work time, which is sufficient to cover the majority of places in your home, office, or car. To protect the device while charging, the vacuum cleaner is constructed with multiple safety measures that include the protection of short circuits, temperatures input voltage protection, and input current protection. It is possible to reuse a washable and washable filter over and over once more after drying.

  • USB rechargeable system.
  • Filter that can be reused and washed.
  • Lightweight and Strong Suction.
  • Two-in-One Dust Cleaner Dual-function.
  • Noise is not high.

What are the Benefits of Using a Mini Vacuum cleaner for keyboard?

While we have our keyboards, we are still able to use these mini vacuum cleaners for our keyboards. One of the benefits of using a mini vacuum cleaner is that it has a small size, making it very easy to store without taking up any space. The other benefit is that it can help reduce dust and debris from slipping under your keyboard keys when you are typing.

The benefits of using a mini vacuum cleaner for your keyboard include:

 It will save you time

It will help you maintain a clean workspace

It will improve hygiene by removing germs regularly

It can easily be carried around with you

Ease in storage

As the device is very small in size, it doesn’t take up much space, making it easier to store/carry around if needed.

Saves on cleaning

When you clean your keyboard regularly, there will be less debris stuck under the keys, and with this device, there won’t be any dust or debris falling onto your desk.

What to Consider When Buying a Mini Vacuum cleaner for keyboard?

The best vacuum cleaners for keyboards are usually small, lightweight, and easy to carry. They also have a specific purpose of cleaning the keyboard, removing dust, and other items that can cause keyboard problems.

To buy the most suitable mini vacuum cleaner for your keyboard, consider these factors:


Some are affordable, while others with advanced features may require a higher price.

Dust capacity      

More dust means you can use it multiple times before you need to empty it.


Some mini vacuums come with additional accessories such as a brush and brush holder that make it easier to clean the surface.

Ease of use

before purchasing any item, always test its ease of use first by using it on different surfaces in your home or office

Expected reliability of the product

The majority durable product is, the better it will last for years. The materials used should also be sturdy and dependable to last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Are more expensive mini vacuums worth the price?

Ans: The best home appliance below $200 square measure is The brigii Mini y120 Animal, the Bissell Pet Hair implement, and therefore the Hoover noble metal assortment Cyclonic. These vacuums will facilitate keyboard spills as a result of they’re created to be powerful, and their styles stop spills from changing into a drag.

Q: How can you decide which type of vacuum cleaner is best for keyboard?

Ans: Mini vacuums with a long suction and attachments will do a great job lifting the dirt and dust off any keyboard.

Q: How often should you clean your keyboard with a mini vacuum cleaner?

Ans: You can clean your keyboard with a mini vacuum cleaner and a microfiber cloth. There are a number of mini vacuums that can easily clean your keyboard without causing damage.The model of your keyboard will dictate the variety of products you can use to clean your keyboard. If you’re concerned about spills and want to avoid damaging your keyboard, you can use a handheld vacuum to remove excess liquid or crumbs.

Q: Do I need any special tool to clean my keyboard with a mini vacuum cleaner?

Ans: I would recommend you get a mini vacuum cleaner and vacuum your keyboard for under $200. A mini vacuum can solve the problem of dust and dirt building up on your keyboard.

Final thoughts

Keyboard cleaning is important, even though it is more frequent than many people. It’s good to have a keyboard vacuum cleaner because you can not have a regular vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard. The best mini vacuum cleaner for a keyboard under $200 is suitable for your keyboard to protect it from dust and debris. If you want to buy an excellent keyboard vacuum cleaner, you can choose our top list that will help you to protect your keyboard clean and free from dust.

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