Best shark ion robot vacuum av753

Best shark ion robot vacuum av753 under 200


  • Brand : Shark
  • Weight : 6.6 pounds
  • Battery Cell : Lithium Ion
  • Battery run time : 2.5-3 hours
  • Dimensions : 12.4″ x 12.6″ x 3.54″ inches
  • Surface : Carpet & hard floors (Recommendation)
  • Controller : Vera, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

You’re not a fan of mopping, but you want to keep your home tidy? So why not get an automated housekeeper? They’ll handle the task, meaning you don’t need to. They’re compact and small, which means they can fit under furniture or other difficult to reach locations. Some even are used as a self-cleaning robot vacuum. You’ll have just one issue to worry about from a different perspective! Based on the model, you might even be able to set it to work on specific days. You could, and for instance, you could program it to clean your house every Tuesday. Your house will stay tidy without you needing to perform any chores.

The only downside is that they can be expensive. They generally start at around $200 , and can go upwards to $1,000, based upon the type of model. Of course, the higher you get, the more luxurious things get. For instance, some people can wash the garbage bin by themselves. Are you considering having a go at these robots? Are you not sure which one to get? Which do you consider about the Shark ION the AV753? It is loaded with options and is priced reasonably. Be sure to read the rest of our review to find out more about how it performs!

The Shark ION AV753 is the robotic cleaner that can remove dirt from carpets and hard flooring. It is equipped with the Tri-Brush System that can handle garbage across any surface. It also includes a range of sensors that allow it to identify stairs, ledges, and furniture. It’s also compatible with the SharkClean app, meaning you can make use of your smartphone to manage it.

What’s within the Box?

1 Shark ION Robot

1 Charging Dock

2 Side Brushes

1 HEPA Filter

There are three buttons on the top of Shark ION. Shark ION robot. In particular, there’s the clean button, dock button, and spot button. Additionally, there’s a mishap indicator as well as a WiFi indicator that can illuminate blue when the device has been connected to the internet. As with most robot vacuums, the dust bin is located at the back of the machine. To get to empty it, push the latch and it will open and slide away. You’ll also find a HEPA filter on the inside and outside of this bin which is replaced now and then. There’s also that charging dock. Make sure to place it in the best location where the robot is able to access easily. There shouldn’t be anything on top or in front of the bottom.

Keeping the charging dock connected for the shortest amount of time is also essential. If not, the robot won’t be able to get back to the top automatically. The next step is those side brushes. In essence, they’re the ones that are charged to channel dirt into the cleaning pathway. If you’re thinking about installing them, take them right out from the box. Begin by turning the unit upside down. The outlet should be aligned within the middle of the brush side with the comb posts on the bottom of the unit and press it down. It will snap into place. Repeat the process with the second brush.

Features and Benefits

App Control


Voice Control

Mapping Feature


Battery Life

Trouble Returning to the Dock

It Gets Stuck Easily

Ideal For Carpeted Areas

App Control

The Shark ION AV753 can be used with the SharkClean application. That is, you can manage the device remotely from your smartphone. You can, for instance, utilize it to initiate or end a cleaning session. You can also consider creating a schedule so that it will run in a sequence on specific days.


Shark Ion’s Shark ION robot is equipped with high-tech cliff sensors on the robot’s base that allows it to recognize future steps and ledges within its track. Furthermore, it includes proximity sensors that prevent it from hitting objects like furniture or other things.

Voice Control

Shark ION is a Shark ION robot that can be operated with voice commands. You can connect it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and you’re ready to go.

Automatic Recharge

The robot returns to the dock to charge once it is charged to a suitable level, meaning you do not have to worry that it is “dying” while it’s running.

Mapping Feature

The model isn’t equipped with an option to mop your floor; therefore, don’t expect it to sweep all the floors. In reality, it’s likely that there’ll be areas that aren’t cleaned. In addition, due to the random patterns of cleaning, it could take quite some time before the robotic can traverse through the entire home.


It’s true that the Shark ION robot can be noisy. In fact, it’s similar to an ordinary hairdryer with an unintentionally low setting. That’s why you’re not going to want to be video conferencing close by.

Battery Life

The battery’s lifespan is about average. If you’re in a tiny house, it’ll need to return to the dock for recharge over time. Furthermore, since it’s not equipped with the option of recharging and restarting, you’ll need to restart the device manually afterwards.

Trouble Returning to the Dock

The robot shouldn’t have difficulty returning home when it’s within 4 meters of the dock. It’ll be not easy to find the dock to charge in case it’s more.

It Gets Stuck Easily

Shark ION is a Shark ION robot that can get stuck in a rush. For example, it might get stuck in sofas or beds. It could also get stuck on objects. In this situation, it is recommended to clean your house prior to starting your cleaning routine.

Ideal For Carpeted Areas

The model isn’t designed for areas with carpets. It’s true that it can be installed with no issue. However, it’s not going to do well at getting rid of dirt and other debris. In certain cases, it may even become stuck while transitioning to its new substrate.

How to Use the Shark Ion Robot AV753?

Start charging the machine. Set the robot’s base on an even surface. Remove any objects that are smaller than 3 feet to the left. Also, removing any obstructions to the dock shouldn’t be an issue. The robot should be placed manually on the charger, making sure that the charging pads are aligned with charging contacts. To switch on the robot begin it, click the Clean button on your device (make sure you’ve set up those side-brushes). Additionally, you can use the mobile application. If required, you could allow spots to be cleaned by pressing the button to mark the robot or via an application for mobile.


The dust container located at the rear of the unit has to be cleaned following each use. The filter also needs to be cleaned at least once a week. The same applies to the primary roll of brushes as well as the side brushes along with the wheel on the back of the casters.

Replacement Schedule

Main brushroll: Every 6-12 months

Side surfaces with brushes To be used only for clear wear

The dust bin filter must be cleaned at least every 2 to 3 months.

Front-wheel casters: every 12 months

How Well Does It Clean?

Shark ION robot works as described. Shark ION robot works as described. The suction is powerful and is able to eliminate the majority of the debris such as dust, food crumbs or hair of pets. However, it’s not a substitute for a vacuum. It’s true that you’ll need to clean the edges and corners of your home manually (the vacuum isn’t equipped to clean corners effectively). As we said in the past, it won’t track your home. Additionally, it won’t be capable of covering all the regions. It is not able to cover certain areas here and there, which is to be expected from this type of design.

Who Would We Recommend It To?

For those seeking a cheap robot vacuum

If you require something that can be operated via an app on mobile devices

Pet owners

  • Affordable price
  • Good suction/cleaning power.
  • Get the bot boundary tape.
  • Good battery life.
  • It can be used on carpets and hardwood
  • There is no map feature
  • They are prone to get stuck easily

Frequently Asked Questions

Q  : If I keep small pieces of hay around my home, will it become blocked?

Ans : It takes pine straws and bits of dog food. It throws it within the room if it’s too large and heavy.

Q  :  How can one get rid of the baseboards?

Ans : It’s not able to remove them effectively since it smudges the edges with the two brushes.

Q : Is the charging station located is it on carpet or hardwood?

Ans : I returned the Shark vacuum that I bought. I wasn’t a fan very well, and the brushes were slow to turn. If you experience this with yours, return it as soon as possible.

Q : How does it perform with hair that is on the carpet?

The answer is extremely well, but you must get rid of the hair from the roller’s edge because it is wrapped around the roller.

Q: How does this connect to Alexa?

Ans: Download the shark app, then connect it in the way described above.

Final thoughts

Shark ION Robot is an inexpensive choice for those searching for a robot vacuum. Ideal for hard floors and carpets, it is equipped with various sensors to stop it from falling down steps and over ledges. It also has the Tri-Brush System, which allows it to take on the majority of dirt. The only issue is that this one doesn’t have a mapping feature, unlike the more expensive models. This means that it can cleanse in a random pattern. It also has trouble returning to the dock at times. For the price, it’s an acceptable machine, especially for people with pets.

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