Bissell powerglide pet slim cordless stick vacuum 3080

bissell powerglide pet slim cordless stick vacuum 3080


  • Brand : Bissell
  • Cordless : Yes
  • Surface : Upholstery
  • Weight : 9.25 pounds
  • Style : Stick, Handheld
  • Batteries : 1 Lithium ion
  • Dimensions : 10.5″ x 9.5″ x 47″ inches

Clean up pet messes virtually everywhere in your home using BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Slim, a cordless stick vacuum. It’s designed with our trademarked Tangle-Free Brush Roll, so you won’t have to worry about the annoying hair getting stuck to brush heads of different vacuums. The battery’s lithium-ion power can provide up to 30 minutes of unrestricted cleaning. PowerGlide Pet Slim cordless vacuum can easily be converted into a handheld cleaner and includes a 3-in-1 dog hair tool that includes crevice tools, pet hair upholstery, and a dusting brush to scrub carpets, steps, and other surfaces that are soft where debris and dirt accumulate. The floor nozzle is simple to clean! This means you can make use of this stick vacuum for an extendable reach that can deal with low and high spots within your home.

It also comes with an easy empty dirt Tank that has CleanSlide Technology which allows you to control dust and dander after cleaning the tank and removing the mess after cleaning. After you’ve finished cleansing, you can store the vacuum and the tools in the wall mount that comes with it to ensure they’re available to clean whenever you’re in need of the tools. BISSELL is proud to support the BISSELL Pet Foundation in its efforts to rescue homeless pets. When you purchase a BISSELL product, you’re helping in saving pets, too. We’re proud to create products that can help eliminate pet odors, pet messes, and homelessness for pets to disappear. Run time can vary depending on the cleaning method and accessories.

  • The suction is fantastic.
  • The battery can be recharged, and the battery life is very long.
  • Carpet and hard floors are both supported.
  • The front light allows you to see the particles on the floor.
  • The handheld vacuum can be separated into two separate spots.
  • One for difficult to reach areas, such as roof corners, etc.
  • Includes additional attachments as well as a filter to clean corners, etc.
  • The filter is easy to clean and comes with a wall-mounted charging station.
  • It is necessary to remove the entire container and hold it in place to avoid falling onto the floor.
  • You then need to remove the filter to rid it of the dirt.
  • The vacuum won’t stand by itself.

Features and Benefits

Tangle-Free Brush Roll

Washable Multi-Tier Filtration

30-Minute Max Runtime per Charge

CleanSlide Dustbin

2-in-1 Convertible

LED Headlights

Tangle-Free Brush Roll

As the pet-friendly manufacturer of cleaning equipment that it is, Bissell made sure to provide PowerGlide 3080, a brush roll that is capable of removing dust and dirt. Actually, when it comes to removing your pet’s hair, you won’t have to fret about it circling the brush. The smooth, tangle-free brush roll throws hair into the intake instead of reeling it in, and you’ll never need to cut a clump of hair off the brush. This PowerGlide 3080 has two-speed settings, High and Low. These adjust how fast the brush spins. It is not possible to turn the brush off or on to clean different types of floors.

Washable Multi-Tier Filtration

Perhaps the most shocking aspect concerning this model of PowerGlide 3080 is that it isn’t equipped with a HEPA filter. It does, however, have a multi-tier filtering system that can be washed and reused over up to 6 months. To ensure optimal vacuuming efficiency, be sure to rinse thoroughly and clean the filter every two or three sessions.

30-Minute Max Runtime per Charge

When fully charged, the PowerGlide 3080’s battery pack provides an average of thirty minutes of continuous vacuuming. According to the standards for cordless stick vacuums, this isn’t among the most efficient run time in the world. However, it will take approximately 180 mins to complete recharge. The half-hour timeframe is based on using the PowerGlide3080 on the lower speed setting. If you increase it to the higher setting, you’ll get around 10-minutes of clean-up time at the maximum. That’s not too bad by cordless stick vacuum standards.

CleanSlide Dustbin

Anyone who’s had a bagless vacuum cleaner is aware of how disgusting it can be to put your hands in the dust bin to pull out a plethora of hair from your pet. With the PowerGlide 3080, you won’t need to be concerned about this for a long time. The clear dust bin comes with CleanSlide filament, which prevents the accumulation of static. Thus, hair won’t stick to walls or the base. To empty it, take it off from the motor house, then turn it upside down on the trashcan.

2-in-1 Convertible

As most cordless stick vacs today are like cordless ones, the PowerGlide 3080 isn’t a one-trick pony. It’s a convertible 3-in-1 that can transform into a sleek handheld unit within seconds. Disconnect an extension rod from the device and join one of the cleaning tools. Thanks to the brush’s air-driven roll, the 3-in-1 pet upholstery tool are great for removing pet hair from furniture cushions. Alongside the tool for pet upholstery, you’ll receive the standard crevice tool and a dusting brush. Each of these attachments will be tucked into the ends of the extension tool to provide more cleaning capabilities.

LED Headlights

When it’s time to vacuum dark areas like under cabinets or furniture, count on the bright LEDs inside that floorhead. In some instances, the lights may cast shadows over large pieces of debris, assisting you to determine the parts of the floor that require a vacuum.

What’s in the box



Crevice tool


Bissell Powerglide pet slim 3080 compares with Dyson V11 Animal Cordless.

Below is a comparison table between the Bissell PowerGlide Pet Slim Cordless Stick Vacuum 3080 and a similar vacuum cleaner, the Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum. Please note that the specifications may vary, and it’s essential to check the latest models and features before making a purchase decision.

FeatureBissell PowerGlide Pet Slim 3080Dyson V11 Animal Cordless
Cleaning PowerPowerful suction, suitable forPowerful suction, designed
pet hair and debrisfor pet hair and allergens
Battery LifeUp to 30 minutesUp to 60 minutes
WeightLightweight design atLightweight design at
approximately 7.8 lbs (3.54 kg)approximately 6.68 lbs (3.03 kg)
FiltrationTriple-level filtration withAdvanced whole-machine HEPA
SmartSeal Allergen Systemfiltration
BrushrollTangle-free brushroll forTorque Drive cleaner head
hassle-free pet hair pickupwith stiff nylon bristles
Dustbin Capacity0.4 liters0.76 liters
Display and ControlsLED display with intuitiveDigital screen with real-time
controlsperformance feedback
Attachments and AccessoriesCrevice tool, upholsteryMini motorized tool, crevice
tool, pet dusting brush, andtool, combination tool,
morestubborn dirt brush, and more
Noise LevelModerate noise levelQuieter operation
PriceTypically more affordableGenerally higher price point
WarrantyLimited warrantyManufacturer’s warranty

Please note that the specific features and prices of these vacuum cleaners may change over time, so it’s essential to research and compare the most up-to-date models to make an informed decision based on your cleaning needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My led lights do not light up. What could be the cause?

Ans : The lights should come on automatically if they’re connected properly to the tube. There are small circles within every tube to allow electricity to pass through.

Q : Does it come with Hepa filters?

Ans : No, only an all-level filtering system. It has Post motor filters and an additional filter that you can wash your hands and then air dry.

Q : What is the lifespan of the battery?

Ans : It can run for 15 minutes on HIGH and 30 minutes on Low.

Final Thoughts

The new Bissell Powerglide pet slim cordless stick vacuum features new lightweight performance, improved filtration, and a washable rubberized boot. With a 40-minute fade-free run time, users get flat-out, deep cleaning power from a lightweight, portable vacuum. The lightweight, portable vacuum is also easy to maneuver. With a convenient swivel steering design, users can easily clean under furniture and tight spaces.

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