How To Keep Your Keyboard Clean And Dust-Free With A Vacuum Cleaner?

If your keyboard is starting to look a little dirty, it might be time to vacuum it. This is a quick and easy process that can help to keep your keyboard clean and dust-free. Here’s how to vacuum your keyboard in a few simple steps.

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How to clean mechanical keyboard

If you’re like most people, your keyboard is one of the dirtiest things in your office or home. A keyboard can harbor all sorts of dirt, dust, and grime, and if it’s not cleaned on a regular basis, it can start to affect the performance of your keyboard. Not to mention, it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria.

So, how do you clean a keyboard? Here are a few tips :

1. Unplug your keyboard from your computer.

2. Use a can of compressed air to blow away any loose dirt and dust.

3. Use a cotton swab or soft cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the keys.

4. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to vacuum the keyboard.

5. If your keyboard is extremely dirty, you can remove the keys and soak them in a bowl of warm, soapy water. With these simple tips, you can keep your keyboard clean and free of dirt, dust, and bacteria.

Is it OK to vacuum your keyboard?

Your keyboard is one of the dirtiest places in your home, and vacuuming it is a great way to clean it. But there are a few things you need to know before you vacuum your keyboard. First, unplug your keyboard.

You don’t want to risk electrocuting yourself or damaging your keyboard. Next, remove any loose debris from your keyboard. Use a can of compressed air to blow out any dust or dirt that’s accumulated in between the keys.

Once the loose debris is removed, you can start vacuuming. Use a soft-bristled attachment to avoid damaging the keys. Vacuum in a back-and-forth motion over the keys, and be sure to vacuum the edges and sides of the keyboard.

When you’re finished vacuuming, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe down the keys. This will remove any lingering dirt or dust. Vacuuming your keyboard is a great way to keep it clean.

Just be sure to do it carefully to avoid damaging the keys.

How do I get rid of dust under my keyboard?

Assuming you mean a keyboard for a computer: The best way to remove dust from under a keyboard is with a can of compressed air. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with the hose attachment, but be careful not to suck up any keys!

If the dust is stubborn, you can try using a cotton swab or Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Is it safe to vacuum a mechanical keyboard?

Most people don’t think twice about vacuuming their keyboard, but if you have a mechanical keyboard, you might want to think twice before doing so. While it’s unlikely that vacuuming your keyboard will do any damage, there is a small chance that something could go wrong. For example, if you have a loose keycap, it’s possible that the vacuum could suck it up and damage the keycap.

Or, if you have a loose switch, the vacuum could pull it out of the keyboard. So, while it’s probably safe to vacuum your keyboard, there is a small chance that something could go wrong. If you’re worried about damaging your keyboard, it’s probably best to just clean it with a damp cloth.

How do you safely clean a keyboard?

keyboards can harbor a lot of dirt, dust, and bacteria, so it’s important to clean them regularly. Here are some tips on how to clean your keyboard safely :

1. Unplug the keyboard from the computer.

2. Turn the keyboard upside down and shake it to remove any loose debris.

3. Use a can of compressed air to blow away any dust or dirt from the keys and in between the keys. 4. Use a damp, lint-free cloth to wipe down the keys and the keyboard body.

Avoid getting any water inside the keyboard.

5. If there are stubborn stains, you can use a mild soap and water solution to clean the keys. Just be sure to rinse the keys well and dry them completely before putting the keyboard back on the computer.

6. Once the keyboard is dry, plug it back in and start typing!


Vacuuming your keyboard regularly is essential to keep it clean and free of dust and dirt. Following the steps in this article, you can quickly and effectively vacuum your keyboard to remove any dust and dirt that built up over time. Regular cleaning will keep your keyboard looking and working like new for years to come.

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