OKP life k2 robot vacuum cleaner 1800 mah blue

OKP life k2 robot vacuum cleaner 1800 mah blue


  • Brand : OKP
  • Item Weight : ‎3.06 kg
  • Dimensions : 28 x 28 x 7
  • Control method : Apps, Remote and voice
  • Affordable price
  • Recharge and resume feature that automatically happens.
  • Controlled with the mobile app
  • Anti-drop sensor technology is incorporated.
  • Built-in dual side-brushes.
  • Carpets don’t do well.

Robot vacuums are an excellent option to ensure your floors are clean. They’re autonomous. This means that you won’t be required to perform any chores. Relax and relax as it takes care of cleaning your home for you! Additionally, they are great at getting into difficult places like the underside of the sofa or under the bed. In addition, they’re also equipped with useful features like the control of apps and time-scheduling.

This way, you can keep your home clean even when you’re not at home. One thing to note is that they’re expensive. If you decide to go with a particular you want, it will cost a couple of hundred dollars. There are some that are much more expensive. In the end, at it’s all, it’s all about the model. The good thing is the fact that budget-friendly models are available, so you don’t need to spend a hefty price.

Consider, for instance, the OKP Robot Vacuum as an example. It’s usually offered for sale at less than $200. What are its functions? Does it include an application? What is the effectiveness of hair from pets? Find out this and more in our article!

The OKP Robot Vacuum Cleaner

OKP Life is a small business that is available on Amazon. From what we can determine, they are selling robot vacuums. In addition to the K2, which we’ll discuss the next time, there’s also the K7 which is able to clean with a zigzag pattern. They are both available on their online store (they do not possess an official site).

The OKP K2 is a mini robot vacuum with four cleaning modes: auto clean, edge clean, spot clean, and manual. You can choose three suction levels medium, low, and high. To switch between them, you can use the mobile application. It can also be used to make cleaning schedules, change the direction of your vehicle, and much more. In terms of the time of use is concerned, it can be used for as long as 100 minutes at a time. The device will be returned to its dock station for a recharge if it is running out of energy. It is not only ideal for hard floors. However, you can also use it on carpets with low piles.

What’s In the Box?

1 OKP K2 Robot Vacuum

4 Side Brushes

1 Extra HEPA Filter

1 Docking Station

1 Remote Control

The robot vacuum has simple designs. The power button is located at the top, while the dust bin is situated at the back (where the HEPA filter can be found). In terms of diameter, it’s about 11 inches. As with most robot cleaners, it has side brushes that will need to be installed at the lower part of your device. The kit comes with four brushes, so you’ll get two more after the originals are worn out. In terms of additional features, this kit comes with an additional HEPA filter to clean the bin.

The docking station is also included, which you’ll use in order to power the K2 robotic. Please put it on an even area against the wall. Please make sure there aren’t any obstructions within or around it, as they could interfere with the device’s performance. You can also use the remote control you can use to operate the device. That’s right. It’s not necessary to download the mobile app.

Although there isn’t a digital display, it does have all the buttons you’ll require, including those to control the various cleaning modes. Batteries are included to allow you to make use of the remote straight from the box.

Smart Features and Benefits

How ‘intelligent’ is the OKP K2 Robot Vacuum? Let’s learn more. Here’s a summary of some of its functions.

Self Charge & Resume

The OKP K2 robot vacuum is able to be used for up to 100 minutes at a time on a charge. If the battery is running down, the robot will return to the dock that charges it. When the battery has been fully recharged, it can begin its new job.

Anti-drop Technology

The K2 robot is outfitted with safety sensors. So you don’t need to be concerned about it falling from the edge or falling down the stairs.

Mobile App Control

The robot vacuum is operated using OKP Life App. OKP Life App, which is available on iOS and Android devices. You can, for instance, utilize it to switch between cleaning modes or even to set up the cleaning schedule.

Voice Controls

Its OKP Robot Vacuum is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. This means that you can operate the vacuum hands-free using your voice.

How Well Does It Clean?

The K2 vacuum isn’t as strong as other vacuums on the market, but it can still eliminate dust and other particles of fine dust. But don’t expect it to remove large particles such as food or cat litter. It’s not able to deal with when it comes to pet hair, especially on carpets or carpets. It’s recommended for regular maintenance to stop dust from accumulating. Also, you’ll still have to vacuum every week to keep your flooring clean.

Who Would We Recommend It To?

People who have hardwood floors, vinyl, laminate, or another kind of flooring that is hard

People who don’t have pets

People who are searching for an affordable option

How to Use the OKP K2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

You’ll need to charge the robotic vacuum prior to the first time it is used. In order to do this, it is necessary to put up a charging base. Set it on a level space against the wall. Connect the adapter for power into the base. The other end connects to an outlet. Place the robot manually in the dock making sure the charging contacts on the device are in contact with the ones at the station for charging.

Here is a comparison table of the OKP Life K2 robot vacuum cleaner and iRobot Roomba i3 robot vacuum cleaner based on the first search result:

FeatureOKP Life K2iRobot Roomba i3
Has mapping?NoYes
Has route mapping?NoYes
Has voice prompts?NoYes
Is self-emptying?NoYes
Has washable filters included?YesNo
Has twin side brushes?YesNo
Has a remote control?YesNo
Has a removable battery?YesNo
Body volume5880cm³10533.2cm³

As you can see, there are some differences between the two models. The OKP Life K2 is cheaper, smaller, and has some features that the iRobot Roomba i3 does not have. However, the iRobot Roomba i3 has more advanced navigation and cleaning capabilities and can automatically empty its dustbin into a base station. You can check out more details and reviews on their respective websites or online stores.

Final thoughts

The OKP K2 Robot Vacuum is a budget-friendly machine that has four cleaning options: auto clean, edge cleaning, spot cleaning, as well as manual. It is also equipped with an app that allows you to use your mobile device. You can operate it from your smartphone. In addition, it’ll return automatically at the station for charging if the battery gets depleted and resume its original function once it’s recharged. The only issue is that the suction it uses isn’t particularly powerful. Also, it doesn’t work very well on carpeted floors.