Tineco power hero 11 reviews

Tineco power hero 11 reviews


  • Brand : Tineco
  • Weight : 5.5 lbs
  • Battery : Lithium-ion
  • Suction power : 120 AW
  • Dimensions : 43.7 × 10.4 × 11.2 inches
  • Tineco Tineco can provide up to 60-minute runtime (using the two batteries)
  • It comes with a variety of accessories that are included
  • Much less expensive than other stick vacuums that have similar run times.
  • The pivoting that is effortless, which increases the flexibility of the vacuum
  • Fantastic filtering that shields you and your family members from allergens.
  • The multi-floor cleaning head is for the cleaning of floors
  • Based on your space, the charging station could be quite large.
  • It is not easy to remove the crumbs from hardwood floors.

Cordless stick vacuums are an extremely popular choice for homeowners. As more and more homeowners are turning to these cleaners, one brand is giving established firms an edge – Tineco. The most current models in the Tineco line of cordless sticks consist of those called the A11 Hero and the A11 Master. Then there’s Tineco Pure One, which is the Tineco Pure One which comprises the most expensive stick vacuums. In the review below, I’ll examine the versatile Tineco A11 Hero, its features, and why you might want it to be used in your home.

Tineco A11 features and Benefits

Cleaning/Suction Power

The vacuum has a 450W motor, which can provide 120AW of suction. If you’re looking for a cordless stick, it’s pretty impressive. The ability to A11 Hero A11 Hero to clean is even more special due to its 10” brush roll. It rotates and agitates dirt on carpets, making the vacuum ideal for cleaning hard surfaces as well as carpeted floors.


Tineco is a comparatively unnoticed brand, but neither like its parent company Ecovacs. The company is known for its robot vacuums. Ecovacs has been in existence for many years and has been competing with big brands on the market for robots. The new Tineco cordless sticks appear to deliver the same quality products that are able to clean effectively.

Input Power

As a cordless vacuum, it is a cordless vacuum. Tineco A11 Hero runs on batteries. The battery has a capacity of 2,500mAh lithium-ion as well as the unit comes with two of the. Each battery can power the vacuum for around 30 minutes in the normal mode and for 7 minutes in the MAX mode. When combined, you can clean for up to 60 or 15 minutes continuously according to the speed you prefer. The batteries will take about 3 hours to charge fully, and they come with dual charging bases so that you can charge simultaneously.

Dust Capacity

The A11 Hero has a big enough capacity to accommodate the dust container, which is 20 grams. (0.6 litres) and offers to vacuum for longer periods of time before you have to empty it. When you are finally ready to throw away all the garbage in the container, a single button will allow you to dispose of it. The dust bin disengages, opens in seconds, and is washable with running water.

Filtration Efficiency

The vacuum utilizes a 4-stage filtering system to ensure effective capture of particles and dust. The pre-motor filters are made of micro-fibre material, and the post-motor one is HEPA. Furthermore, the device is completely sealed to block the release of allergens. So, you or a member of your family with allergies that are seasonal can utilize A11 Hero A11 Hero without health worries.


It’s the Tineco A11 Hero is a compact device that doesn’t require a lot of space. Since it can be converted to a handheld device, It’s essential to look at the specs on both models of this device.


The company has backed the product with a two-year warranty. Although it’s not as long as the warranties that some brands of vacuum have, it’s about the standard for the market and is good enough. Like all warranties, certain situations can void the warranty of a vacuum, and you should take note of them when buying an A11 Hero. This includes purchasing the A11 Hero from trusted sellers and using it in accordance with the instructions given by its manufacturer.


If there’s an area in which there was a lot of generosity from the maker, it will be the variety of attachments and accessories. The vacuum comes with the most extensive range of tools. Many come with a brand new vacuum, while others are available for purchase.

Special Features

1. Powerful 450W Motor

2. Multitasking cleaning head with LED light

3. Pre-motor Filter Cleaner

4. Conversion From Stick to Handheld

5. Detachable Dust Bin


You’ll appreciate the Tineco vacuum the most is ease of use. It does not come with luxurious features, just those which are essential. Apart from being light, The A11 Hero maneuvers effortlessly, with an easy pivot that allows users to clean in any direction. As an object, it isn’t heavy, which means nearly every member of the family can utilize it. Its handheld counterpart is smaller and easier to use by older and younger family members. While cleaning, you don’t need to push the power button constantly. The vacuum has a switch you push only once.

There are two options to speed the motor: the standard and the highest. They allow you to save battery energy when there’s nothing to take up and boost suction when encountering difficult debris. The Tineco A11 Hero features powerful headlights that enable you to get rid of darkly lit areas. This is in addition to giving users easy access to the most difficult-to-access areas. The dust container also disengages quickly from its unit. It opens within a matter of seconds and lets you clear the contents quickly and securely.

Tineco A11 Maintenance

This vacuum is equipped with several components and tools, but this doesn’t mean it requires the need for more maintenance. The most important maintenance tasks of Tineco A11 vacuum are…..

Take out the garbage bin and empty it

It’s essential to empty the trash bin as soon as it’s full to prevent the vacuum from not being able to suction properly or putting a strain upon the engine.

Clean the pre-filter

If you are able, make sure that you clean the filter every time you notice it is getting filthy. In contrast to traditional filters that require cleaning and cleaning, the Tineco filter uses a different cleaning method. The vacuum comes with an attachment for cleaning the filter that attaches to its suction force to cleanse the filter. Clean filters will aid the vacuum run at maximum suction and help it operate more quietly.

Clean your HEPA filter

HEPA filter functions as the bigger filter that is snapped out of the back that is the body of the vacuum. The filter can be washed with water running through it and be dried in the air for 24 hours before installation.

Clean the brush rolls

Sometimes, hair or other particles could get wrapped around the wheel of the brush roll and create obstructions. Make sure you regularly inspect the brushes for any obstructions.

Recharge the battery

Tineco doesn’t specify exactly the length of time their battery is anticipated to last. However, generally speaking, the batteries are able to last for 3 to 5 years, based on how they are used. Because the Tineco has two batteries, the life span could be longer. But, it’s something you should be aware of, as they could be quite costly.

Who Should purchase the Tineco A11 ?

Tineco is a great cordless handheld. Tineco portable cordless vacuum is an excellent choice for an electric stick vacuum. It comes with a long run time, a bigger dust bin (for the stick vacuum) and an impressive suction. I’d suggest this Tineco A11 cordless if you’re searching for the following features in the form of a cordless stick vacuum.

1. Are you looking for a bargain? If you’re searching for many features but would like to sell your assets at a lower cost, then the Tineco A11 could be right for you.

2. You’ll find a wide selection of accessories included? If you’re not a fan of the feeling of getting dimmed and nickeled after having purchased something, there are no worries. Tineco a11 is the perfect solution. Tineco A11 package comes with almost every item you’ll require, whether an upright or handheld use.

3. Want an enormous dust bin? This Tineco A11 cordless has a decently sized bin for dust, even considering its compact dimensions. Although it’s not quite as good as the capacity of Dyson V10 Absolute or Animal, it’s close to being a second.

Final thoughts

Tineco A11 Hero is a strong and versatile cordless vacuum. It provides the cleaning power of an upright and the simplicity of the handheld. It comes with helpful features that make cleaning easy but also efficient. With its multi-tasking cleaning head, you’ll be able to clean both hard floors as well as carpets. The level of filtration is excellent, and no allergens are contaminating the air inside the home when you are vacuuming. It is simple to keep clean, thanks to the ability to wash and clean it as well as the dust bin, which detaches easily for easy to empty and wash.