Okp k7 robot vacuum cleaner review

Best okp k7 robot vacuum cleaner under 200 review


  • Brand : OKP
  • Weight : 9.48 pounds
  • Battery : Lithium Ion
  • Dimensions : 12.6″ x 12.6″ x 3.15″ inches
  • Controller : Remote, App and Voice Control
  • The suction power is excellent
  • Simple and straightforward to utilize
  • The phone app is simple to use
  • The battery’s runtime is very long.
  • Battery life isn’t very long.

OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to clean their home in a short time. It features auto clean, different spot clean and Wall Follow clean, as well as a long-running time that will let you rest easy. With its 2.4GHz Wi-Fi technology, this vacuum cleaner can run for up to 120 minutes before automatically docking and recharging. Plus, it comes with an easy control app that makes it easy to start cleaning.

Okp k7 Features and Benefits

Design of okp k7

The robot vacuum cleaner features the same design as we can see in other robotic vacuums. It is a circular shape that rises to a few inches in height. If you’re looking for a color, you can locate the machine with a dark blue. The most important thing you will be able to see is the vibrant LED that sits on one of the tops. In the end, the design is the more contemporary and futuristic look of the vacuum robot.

You will locate a button at the top terms of the buttons. This button can be used to turn on the device. If we flip the robot upside down and look around, we can see two cleaning brushes rotating. In addition, there are some wheels that help move, and dirt suction openings are also visible on the bottom.

Cleaning Power

When we think of a robot vacuum, it is important to think about the possibility of cleaning our homes efficiently. What powers allow the OKP K7 robot vacuum cleaner to accomplish this? That is the force of suction from the machine. The more suction power greater the dirt that is taken inside by the robot vacuum.

Suction power

Suction power 2000 Pa

It is possible to ask why we don’t have additional suction? It could take a lot of battery power to charge when we do this. A quality robot vacuum must be able to cover the entire home in a day.

Battery Life

Clean time in one charge of 120 minutes

Battery capacity 2600 mAh

Controller type

Smart Home Assistant

You could think of a robot vacuum as a component of an intelligent home. Home Assistant is a constant component in any smart home. It is a shame when we couldn’t control the robot vacuum with one or two voice commands sent to your home assistant.

There are a few voice commands you can utilize

Alexa Clean your kitchen with your robot vacuum.

Hey, Google, Where are the robotic vacuums?

Alexa Asks the robot vacuum to come back to its home.

Hey, Google, Ask your robot vacuum cleaners to stop vacuuming.

There are additional commands you will be able to master after you have an automatic vacuum.

Smartphone App Control

You can perform lots of things through the application on your smartphone. It will let you unlock the capabilities of the vacuum. Let’s look at the functions you can control through the app.

Modifying the cleaning methods

I’ll go into more detail about the different cleaning options in a subsequent paragraph. However, to switch between the two, you’ll need the application.

Cleaning the area you want to clean

You can label every room in your home by using the app and then directly request your robot vacuum cleaner to tidy that space.

Schedule Cleaning

You can create a job for your robot vacuum to sweep the specific areas of your home at a certain moment.

Power Up the Cleaning

There could be a lot of dirt on your floor, requiring more power to remove. You can boost the suction power of your robotic vacuum by using the application.

Remote Controller

There aren’t many robot vacuums with the remote control option. What I like about the OKP K7 Remote Vacuum Cleaner’s control is that there are times when we don’t have a phone close by. The controller is able to control every aspect of this robot vacuum.


One of the most important features of a good vacuum cleaner is its ability to move around the house in a fluid manner. The robot vacuum is able to overcome obstacles in real-time. Another thing you should know is that these machines will not be able to fall from high places. Therefore, if you have lots of high-rises in your home, it is unnecessary to be concerned about their safety.

In addition, you can find the locations where the robot has already cleaned with the map you have on your phone. If you find a place missing, you can request that the robot clean it. It isn’t easy to get furniture clean. However, the OKP K7 Robot Cleaner does not have any such limitations. It is able to go into locations that you cannot get to easily.

Cleaning Modes

1. Auto Clean

The robot will be hovering over the house as it is frequently cleaning the house. It returns to the dock in the event that it requires charging.

2. Spot Clean

You mark a particular location in your house, then ask the robot to wash the area completely.

3. Wall Follow Clean     

Corners close to walls always become dirty. You could request OKP K7 Robot Cleaner to keep an eye on the wall when cleaning it.

4. Manual Clean

You can ask the robot vacuum to vacuum a certain area in your home if it’s filthy.

Comparison table between the Okp K7 robot vacuum and the Roomba 980

Here’s a comparison table between the Okp K7 robot vacuum and another similar robot vacuum, the Roomba 980, to help you make an informed decision:

FeatureOkp K7 Robot VacuumRoomba 980 Robot Vacuum
PriceGenerally AffordableHigher-End
Navigation TechnologyRandom Bump-and-RuniAdapt 2.0 Navigation
Mapping and SensorsBasic SensorsAdvanced Sensors
Cleaning ModesAuto, Spot, EdgeAuto, Spot, Edge
Battery LifeApprox. 90 minutesApprox. 120 minutes
Recharge and ResumeNoYes
Wi-Fi ConnectivityNoYes
App ControlNoYes (iRobot Home App)
Voice AssistantNoYes (Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)
Virtual WallsNoYes
Dustbin CapacityVaries (typically 0.4 – 0.6 liters)0.6 liters
Filtration SystemBasicHigh-Efficiency
Carpet BoostNoYes
Noise LevelVaries (typically 60 – 70 dB)Approximately 70 dB
WarrantyVaries by sellerLimited 1-year

Please note that the specific features and capabilities of robot vacuums may vary depending on the exact model and version. This comparison table provides a general overview of key features to consider when comparing the Okp K7 and Roomba 980, but it’s essential to research the latest models and read reviews for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Okp K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 120mins Runtime. Do you have it on Amazon?

Ans : Yes! However, on Pricepulse, we will inform you of when the lowest price is for this Okp K7 Robotic Cleaner, 120 mins Time of Runtime.

Q : Should I purchase the OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 120mins Runtime today?

Ans : This isn’t an ideal time to purchase today, as there’s an 85% chance that the price will drop. We suggest you keep an eye on it.

Q : Can a robotic vacuum lift steps?

Ans : Unfortunately, robot vacuums can’t climb stairs. The most they can manage currently is moving between hardwood floors and carpet levels. It is necessary to transport it up and down the staircase if you wish to have multiple levels of your home cleaned. If you have a larger budget, you could purchase a second vacuum to clean the floor on the other.

Q : What’s the difference between an automated vacuum cleaner and a mopping robot?

Ans : A robot vacuum is a tool with one major purpose: to clean your floors. A robot mop uses the cleaning liquid to shine on your floors. There are several robots on the market that can combine the two functions. After the vacuuming has been completed, the robot will begin cleaning your floors.

Q : How long will it take until the robot vacuum has to be recharged?

Ans : Top-end models may have up to 120 hours of battery lifespan, which is more than enough to sweep the floor. When the battery is able to find empty, it’s not an issue with the advanced robot cleaners because they come with docking stations that they automatically return to when their batteries are close to dying. When fully charged, the robot can continue cleaning the area it was left. The less expensive bots will require being plugged into recharge.

Q : How long will robotic vacuums keep their luster?

Ans : Robot vacuums are able to last for many years in the event that you are able to clean the parts and brushes on a regular basis. It is crucial not to let pet hair and other debris accumulate in the robot vacuum because it will be permanently damaged. It is possible to replace the battery or other parts of the appliance to extend its lifespan. Also, you should avoid becoming wet within. The lifespan of your robot is also contingent on how often it’s employed.

Final Thoughts      

Cleaning up your home isn’t an easy job when you think about the hectic lifestyle we live in the present. However, the OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a machine that can take care of your task. I hope that you have found important information about vacuum cleaners which will convince you to think about purchasing one.